We understand that a potential move to the cloud can make businesses wary of not having control over their VoIP services and therefore, not being able to influence up-time and availability of services, so to instill confidence, we offer a 99.9% financially backed up-time guarantee.  All customers who utilize ippbxHOST for their organization can sleep soundly at night, safe in the knowledge that we have promised our servers will be available 99.9% of the time.  In the case that we do not meet this promise, you will be financially reimbursed with a refund of fees.  Our limit of any liability, in any case, for any reason, shall be limited to the refund of any current one month of service, for the instance or server that might be effected.

We define ‘Downtime’ as ‘any period of time when users are unable to make or receive phone calls via all supported all approved and correctly configured IPPBX installs and configurations which is calculated using Ping availability tools in minutes where applicable from server, operating system, application, network segments and infrastructure services managed by ippbxHOST’. SLA info... The 99.9% is calculated as a ‘Monthly up-time percentage’, per individual server or per individual instance, and is calculated purely on an individual basis.  If you have 6 servers with us and one misses the up-time target, only the server or instance affected will receive any fee credit, not all the servers or instances.  Service Credits, for a maximum total equal to one month of fees for any particular instance or server, are the Customer’s sole and exclusive financial remedy for any violation of this SLA.  Customers are not able to claim back ‘costs’ incurred or any costs associated with any loss of business. Exceptions
  • Due to factors outside of our reasonable control – We are not responsible for losses of services due to environmental disaster, security threats, terrorist attacks, acts of war or wide scale geographical power or connectivity outages.
  • Downtime or loss of data as resulted from customer’s or third party providers’ hardware or software, mis-configuration, use of hardware or configurations not supported by either 3CX (or other software packages), other VoIP software manufacturer, Operating System software manufacturer, or other provider, as well as issues with your local connectivity, local network, local firewall settings or blocking of traffic, etc.
  • Resulted from actions or in-actions of customers or third parties – We do not manufacture operating system software, hosted VoIP software or firmware for any of the software that runs on our platforms.  We are simply a hosted network connectivity provider and host service provider.  Operating systems, VoIP platforms, network appliances, VoIP devices, firewalls and other hardware peripherals and appliances need to be updated from time to time and such updates and failures of such devices are mostly outside of out control, and such are not to be held to this SLA.
  • During scheduled downtime – Scheduled Downtime as – i) Downtime within pre-established maintenance windows or (ii) Downtime during major version upgrades to Operating Systems or VoIP software platforms, or virtualization platforms.
  • During beta and trial services (as determined by us)
  • Upstream provider or storage failures.  We will help move your instance for no charges to you.  You will receive priority support in these cases for no fee.
  • Data backups are the customers responsibility.  Please take regular off site backups.  3CX is designed to be able to upload backups to various cloud providers and off site storage accounts.  We may ask you for backups to help restore your services in certain cases.
Our SLA offering of services fee credits or refunds as a financial remedy for violating the terms of the SLA is limited to the above conditions and terms, and any and all such credits or refunds must be applied for by logging in and submitting a trouble ticket with a request for a service credit and are subject to our approval.